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No Time Like Now

For the important things, there is no time like NOW

How many times have you put off doing something important because it was just ‘not the right time?’ How many times have you ended up not doing it at all because something else came up and…Uhmm…there was just no time in the end? I suspect we all have been there.

This is not about thoughtfully prioritizing (after all we are busy people) and ending up pushing something further down the list of priorities. It is that situation where you tell yourself ‘I won’t bother to do that now because there’s time tomorrow.” Or thinking that because someone has done something to upset us, we will “forgive them eventually” but NOT NOW. For now they must suffer in their guilt, shame, and your silence – there’ll be time to make up later.

But what if there is in fact NO time? What if you miss the opportunity to make up or to restore that broken relationship – FOREVER? Would your delay still be worth it?

There is always a lot to do; things to distract us. If we always have full control over what happens to us, or what we do, and when, then we can plan accordingly. However, the bottom line is that we do not.

O. N. Rowe
One of the biggest fallacies in this life is this:
We Always Think We Have Time

Leaving the important things undone may very well condemn them to the pile of ‘never done’ because of factors outside of our control. That is why there is no time like NOW.

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