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Past Experiences Vs. Future Expectations

Don’t let past experiences derail your future. A change of fortunes might be just around the corner.

There’s a saying that goes ‘Once bitten, twice shy.’ The essence of it is that if you have a particular bad experience once, you will be inclined to expect a similarly bad experience next time around.

To some extent that makes a lot of sense. After all, who would want to risk having a repeat of a bad experience, especially one that had a huge impact on them?

Unfortunately, bad experiences are part of life and come via many sources, some expected, and others devastatingly unexpected. Some result from our own actions or non-actions; other times through other persons’.

In response to what might appear to be frequent disappointments we rationalize and comfort ourselves by saying we ‘…expect the worse and hope for the best’ in our quest to avoid further disappointment. This can be a dangerous approach to take!

This is because our reality tends to be aligned with our expectations because our expectations influence our actions. Simply put, we put out greater positive effort where positive returns are expected. Bottom line: effort often determines success.

In spite of past disappointments, we can set ourselves up for success in the future by taking our disappointments in stride, learning from them, and continuing to pursue, and expect, the very best outcomes in the future.

O. N. Rowe

Bottom line: Don’t let your past experiences shape your expectations for the future.

Expect BETTER to rise with the dawn of each new day.

Life = The Unexpected

Spring has Sprung! Well you couldn’t actually tell that from this image, can you! Yes – it might be snowing, but it is still Spring!

This eloquent metaphor of life shows us that things are not always going to be the way conventional wisdom would have us expect them to be!

How many times have we experienced situations where an outcome is all but assured. We put in the hard work, do our research, crossed all our “T’s” and dotted all our “i’s” and yet end up missing our target, or not getting that job, or failing our course.

Life is like that, you know?

We sometimes believe that if we do all that we consider necessary to accomplish a specific outcome, then that’s the outcome we will have. Or that if we work hard enough at our job then we will definitely get that promotion. Or that if we invest enough time and resources in someone we can ensure their success, or even change them!

Or perhaps your build-up to a certain event has gone so badly that you expect to be a disaster, but here comes the unexpected success! Just like preparing for an exam; sometimes you stress yourself out because you feel you will just not be ready…but then comes the resounding ‘A’ grade! That’s an unexpected outcome that just about anyone can get behind!

Life is a combination of good and bad, success and failure, ups and downs. But whatever comes our way, we don’t need to let it derail our journey. We can take them as they come, look for the positives, and I am confident this will allow us to recognize that the blend of outcomes we experience serve to make life less mundane.

By the way, the beautiful downpour of snow we are having today, even if on the dawn of spring, sets us up for a lush, green start to what might otherwise have been a struggle for the plants to take root. Farmers in our part of the country are no doubt loving it!

There’s always positive in the unexpected, even if not immediately apparent; and if we take the time to look for it.

Life indeed serves up a good dose of the expected. Embrace it.

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