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Giving Your Best

There’s always a struggle against complacency and arrogance; success demands our full focus and the right attitude

Not everything you set out to do in life will go your way; and that’s ok. The important thing is that some will! Sometimes you can never tell which will turn out to be a success – even the ones you are most certain about can fail, and the ones you least expect to, can succeed.

The reality is that there are some situations where you possess all the right skills and resources to succeed at, but you fail because one critical ingredient is missing: the right attitude.

Yes, sometimes we become overconfident and arrogant – believing we ‘cannot’ fail because of how ‘good’ or ‘talented’ we are. This can lead to a sense of entitlement that sees us under-prepared, or become overhyped, or even to underestimate the full scope of what is required to succeed thereby under-exerting our effort.

O. N. Rowe

Sometimes we even underestimate the desire of someone else to win in instances where there are competitors.

Where these acts of self-sabotage take place (and that is exactly what they are), failure is almost assured. The fault for such unexpected outcome then lies squarely at our feet even if we seek to transfer the blame on someone else, or on something else.

Therefore always be humble and be prepared to work hard; to run through the tape; to keep your shoulders to the wheel. If, after all that, failure is the outcome, then you can feel satisfied that you gave it your best shot.

And that ALWAYS means that you are better off than you would have been, had you not given your best.

Only you can say whether you have REALLY given your best.

A Time For Introspection

Introspection allows us the opportunity to make qualitative adjustments to our thoughts and behaviours

The realization that we are all flawed, imperfect beings should inspire each of us towards humility, and a greater level of tolerance for the imperfections that we see in others around us.

This realization should also spur us to accept, in humility, efforts by others who are also driven by humility, to shore up our respective areas of imperfection.

Only then can we truly grow as human beings and in turn help others grow by imparting to them, in humility, the strengths that we would have then developed.

It is through this process of introspection and self improvement that we can then meaningfully, and in humility, contribute towards the creation of a more humble and humane society.

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