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Increase Impact to Optimize Outcome

Sometimes we need help and encouragement from others to keep us motivated, but ultimately the outcome requires our deliberate efforts

Often times success vs. failure; or having a ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’ day; or even the kind of outcome we have at the end of an activity, is determined by a combination of our expectations of success/reward, our approach and/or our attitude.

When we choose to get up, show up for the task at hand, and give it our best shot, we are increasing our IMPACT, whether this be on our personal pursuits, our family, our work Team or the Organization as a whole. With an increase in our impact we are increasing our chances of success.

However, when we simply sit back, go through the motions, and just let things happen, we are setting ourselves for failure by giving up control over the outcomes, and often times the result is quite underwhelming and disappointing!

Each day is an opportunity for us to INCREASE our impact, and that is the surest way to REDUCE the undesirable impact of external factors on the outcomes we desire.

O. N. Rowe

So don’t just wait for things to happen TO you. MAKE things happen FOR you, the way YOU want them to. That is the surest way to secure a positive outcome.

Like stocks, there will be ups and downs; however, our consistent, deliberate efforts each day and over time will yield positive results
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Where Authenticity Meets Vulnerability

The word ‘Authenticity’ and the phrase ‘Be Your Authentic Self’ have become extremely popularized in recent times in a world which is supercharged by intolerance. Intolerance is a significant impediment to Authenticity.

In our day to day existence, we are faced with the dilemma of either being honest about who we are and possibly risk ostracism and isolation, or being forced to pretend to be ‘someone else’ or ‘something else’ to gain acceptance, or to avoid discrimination. This dilemma arises in response to perceived, and often times real, societal norms and expectations that dictate how we should look, behave, or even dream!

The dissonance that results from this disconnect has had untold negative impacts on the affected individuals for generations. The different coping mechanisms adopted by individuals in response sometimes compound the situation, often leading to tragic outcomes.

When we shape our expectations of others solely on the basis of their background, we sometimes inadvertently treat them based on the expectations that our stereotypes dictate. This discourages authenticity.

O. N. Rowe

When we are intolerant of others based on how they are different than we consider ourselves to be, this discourages authenticity. When we deny others the freedom and opportunity they deserve to express their individuality and all that this entails, this inhibits authenticity.

In fact, I believe when we take the stance that our personal characteristics, circumstances, backgrounds or experiences make us in any way superior to others, we are being arrogant, self-righteous, narrow-minded and disrespectful.

Everyone, regardless of differences, have a right to be their authentic self without fear of repercussions. However, as a starting point, we all need to be honest about who we really are, vis a vis who we portray ourselves to be. We need to be willing to be vulnerable!

O. N. Rowe

Authenticity in its real sense removes the clutter from our psyche and provides the clarity of purpose that unleashes the power within us to accomplish our dreams, regardless of how ‘different’ they happen to be.


How To Make TODAY Perfect (Hint: It Already IS!)

How will you spend your TODAY?

Today is Monday (where I am). That’s a fact! Today is a perfect day. That’s also a fact.

Is our situation necessarily perfect? Perhaps not, but let’s not allow our situation, nor our perception of it, to cause us to lose sight of the beautiful opportunity Today presents for us to take a step or two towards making our situation better!

Being alive TODAY gives us a perfect chance to start afresh and redouble our efforts in pursuit of the changes we seek. So let us take a moment to change our perspective and see the beautiful individual we are, with all the potential within us to accomplish whatever we set out to achieve today.

Let us embrace the changes that are possible within us as we develop patience, persistence, and strength through our circumstances no matter how uncomfortable they are.

O. N. Rowe

Because our situation, however imperfect, does not have to define the kind of day we have TODAY and EVERY DAY!


Profile in Courage: Redefining Success (Pt. 5 of 7)

Success looks different for everyone. What success of yours will you celebrate today?

What exactly is success, and who defines what success looks like? Who said ‘success’ has to be the achievement of some grand, lofty goal, as measured by societal norms? Who so pompously declared that for you, even getting up out of bed isn’t a resounding success of the highest order? And who said you even need to have already finished what you started in order for it to qualify as ‘success?’

When our focus is merely on ‘success’ we tend to see anything short of that as failure. We might feel our effort has been wasted. We might even feel that the nay-sayers who voiced their pessimistic views or words of discouragement, were right! Such a view not only ignores our effort, but also dampens our drive to undertake a future task where a successful outcome is not assured. And that would be a most unfortunate outcome.

However, when we put our journey in its correct perspective we will see that it takes a special kind of courage to take on a challenge, especially one that takes every ounce of courage we have. Your struggles are often personal to you, and you alone are most intimately aware of the struggle you face daily.

You are best placed to be your biggest cheerleader. Sometimes, even the decision to START, translates to success and that is worth celebrating.

O. N. Rowe

I am convinced that by redefining success you will find that you have been displaying tremendous courage all along, and deserve far greater credit than you had thought.



The presence of clouds doesn’t mean the sun isn’t there

Through the dark, stationary clouds of life burst majestic, golden rays of sunlight

Forcefully and enthusiastically breaking free and echoing shouts of joy,

Heralding the long awaited approach of a brand new sun of opportunity

Within the magnificent castles of these golden rays of sunlight

Grand festivities accompany a jubilant celebration

All around, resplendent flowers display their radiance as they lift their heads

In an attempt to witness such a grand occasion

The exuberant trees dance about, wrapping their muscular trunks

Around each other in an affectionate embrace

Never to be pulled apart again by even the most turbulent storm that may return

All creatures, great and small, co-exist in an atmosphere

Of glorious peace and tranquility – all of them are equal

No predator, no prey, no fighting and tearing each other apart


And somewhere in the midst of it all, an amazing spectacle bursts into miraculous existence

Men, women and children of every race, class and creed

Living together in love and in a spirit of unity never witnessed before

While outside the walls of this magnificent castle someone looks in

At the long awaited peace that exists among all of creation

In the midst of the turmoil and the disruptions all around us, there is HOPE

Slowly he walks away with a feeling of emptiness and a longing deep inside his very being

Still having hope, but recognizing that for now it is just his imagination

Running away.

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