Where did the year go??

It has been a while since my last post, and boy a lot has changed! The planet has gotten hotter; there are wars raging in different parts of the world; millions have become adults; plus many other significant changes. For some it has been new jobs or retirement, or even mundane things like a few strands of grey hair on their head or elsewhere.

Some have lost loved ones (my condolences!), and welcomed others as newborns into the world (congratulations!🙂).

No matter who you are or what stage of your life you find yourself, it is quite possible that you have experienced significant changes. Through it all, how have YOU changed? This is not about the physical or the peripheral. This is about the core of who you are.

Have you grown stronger? Have you been broken? Have you renewed your commitment to being the best version of yourself? Have you ‘fallen off the wagon?’

Seriously…how has the past year set you up for the year ahead? Or, what changes will you make this year? Whatever you do, make sure it involves becoming a better version of yourself. Forget about others – they have their own path to figure out; forget about other people’s expectations of you – some don’t believe in you anyway. Forget about your past – except to the extent that you use your past to make you stronger, better, more committed, more enthusiastic.

Make this year yours!