arguing conflict

“Don’t Confuse Me With Facts!”

Some of us spend a significant portion of our lives agitating in defence of our position on different topics, some of which have ultimately led to breakup in relationships, ending of friendships, and unfortunately and worst of all, ending of a life.

Most of the conflicts around relate to opinions masquerading as facts. Interestingly, it is said that 10% of arguments relate to matters of fact – 90% are caused by a ‘wrong’ tone of voice. But I digress.

Fact remains fact regardless of who presents it, and how strongly it is opposed. Fact remains fact because – well – because it is just that: FACT. To argue against a fact is not only counter-productive, it can sometimes make someone out to be a conspiracy theorist.

This is as opposed to someone being misinformed, or mistaken, or downright ignorant. However, in such a situation it is most beneficial for someone, in humility, to accept the possibility they could be wrong, and seeking out clarity or confirmation from reliable sources.

Facts need no defence; hence if you know something to be a fact, there is not much point arguing with someone who insists on defending their opinion, where such opinion is at odds with the fact you know. Put simply, to argue is sometimes an exercise in futility. Or it could be an invitation for harm.

For some people, their position always is: “Don’t confuse me with FACTS.” It is a wise person who knows when to ‘agree to disagree’, smile, and walk away.

Knowing when to walk away from an argument where fact versus opinion are in contention can sometimes prevent undesirable outcomes.