THE PAST: Hindrance, or Boost? It’s really up to you!

The past is sometimes quite a messy place: A cesspool of unwanted memories and a graveyard of filth and putrid decay that too often refuse to stay buried…but should they really stay buried?

We cannot change the past, and to try to deny any aspect of it robs us of the opportunity to benefit from the lessons that are there to be learned and applied in the choices we make today. To try to deny our past is to squander the potential life-transforming lessons that can go a far way in the shaping of our future – because our present and future are inextricably linked to our past.

An undeniable paradox lies in the fact that while the experiences of the past can present an opportunity for us to grow, they can, if allowed, provide a recipe for the exact opposite: stagnation or even death.

We should embrace the past, even if it does not reflect who we are today. We should, at the same time, be prepared to leave it behind in our pursuit of personal growth and empowerment; in our evolving pursuit of BETTER.

In so doing we may well find that whether because of, or in spite of, our past, our best years are indeed yet to come.

Regardless of what our past is like, there is undeniable beauty in who we are today, and the future we are building for ourselves and others