At the end of the day, it is what you do to impact others – whether good or bad – that really matters.

We are born, then INEVITABLY we die. In between comes that ‘dash.’

After all life is fleeting, isn’t it! Time always seems to ‘fly’ … at least in hindsight when we look back at how quickly time has passed and wonder ‘where did the time go?’ Sometimes satisfied with how we spent it but most times wishing we had done ‘more.’

But more of what? Important stuff like…helping others in need? Visiting the fatherless and widows in their pain and suffering? Using your talents to help those who need inspiration, or even an advocate?

Or spent doing unimportant things… like wishing we were born into a different family? Being distracted by petty things when we should have been studying…or working…or other stuff that helped neither ourselves nor others?

“It is appointed unto man once to die…” – Hebrews 9:27

So we are born…then we die. In between comes the ‘dash.’ How are you spending your DASH?

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A Time For Introspection

Introspection allows us the opportunity to make qualitative adjustments to our thoughts and behaviours

The realization that we are all flawed, imperfect beings should inspire each of us towards humility, and a greater level of tolerance for the imperfections that we see in others around us.

This realization should also spur us to accept, in humility, efforts by others who are also driven by humility, to shore up our respective areas of imperfection.

Only then can we truly grow as human beings and in turn help others grow by imparting to them, in humility, the strengths that we would have then developed.

It is through this process of introspection and self improvement that we can then meaningfully, and in humility, contribute towards the creation of a more humble and humane society.

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WHO are you?

Is who you are defined by the color of your eyes?
The curves of your body or the size of your thighs?
Or perhaps it rests in the texture of your hair
Or the tone of your skin – or do you really care?
Is your sense of self-worth tied up in your education?
Or places you have been, or wherever you came from?
Or, is it based on whether you pay mortgate, or a rent?
Is that really who you are, or what you represent?

So, who ARE you?

Is your success measured by the ‘class’ of your friends?
Or the way in which your clothes keep up with current trends?
Is your self-worth tied to the things that you possess?
Will the loss of these things cause nothing but distress?
When you look in the mirror are you proud of what you see
Is the person looking back who you’re really meant to be?
Do you sleep peacefully when you go to bed at nights
Or do nightmares begin as soon as you turn off the lights?

So who are YOU really?

You are more than what you wear and the way you look
And the make of your car and the size of your bank book
Who you really are rests in making honest choices
Whether things are going well or you’re facing many crises
Who you really are depends on what you have inside
The strength of your character, having nothing to hide
Your relationship with God and the role you let Him play
In directing your footsteps as you go from day to day.


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The Value Of A Second Chance

We all need second chances because we all make mistakes.

Whether it be a mistake that is made, or a failure experienced, or an opportunity missed, we have all had a need for a second chance.

As we grow up or go about our daily activities, we face many situations and challenges where we do not know what the outcome will be. On one hand, we might have a good idea that something bad will result from a certain course of action, and we might choose to take that action anyway.

On the other hand, sometimes an expected positive outcome does not materialize, perhaps because of an incorrect calculation, lack of preparation, or perhaps a lack of all the relevant details which would have had an impact on the outcome.

The old adage ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again’ assumes that there will be opportunities for a do-over or a second chance, or perhaps multiple ‘second’ chances! But what if that never happens? Many eventual successes would not have been realized; many relationships would not have been mended; and many a healing would not have taken place.

Likewise in relationships of various nature, mistakes are sometimes made with devastating impact. It is often hard for someone who feels they have been betrayed to move past the emotional hurt. But what if a genuine mistake has been made? What if a second chance is what is required for the wound to be healed – on both sides?

The essence of ‘second chance’ is forgiveness, and this is required of us all. We do not have the luxury of choosing who we forgive, and for what. That it’s because we too ARE, at some point, in need of forgiveness – from ourselves as well as from others.

Is there someone you know who is perhaps longing to receive a second chance – or perhaps forgiveness – from you?

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Hope Rises…AGAIN!

Another journey across the earth begun
As a new day dawns with the rising sun
Bursting forth in resplendent glory
Once again echoing the amazing story
To every tongue, every tribe and nation
That Hope rises…again

In the midst of the sadness and the gloom
Another beautiful flower starts to bloom
And you know beyond any shadow of doubt
No matter what you are feeling ‘sad’ about
That this is yet another indication
That Hope rises…again

Though your heart is filled with pain
And your tears seem to flow like rain
Hovering above the lush green fields that grow
Beyond the hills you can see the rainbow
Providing yet another demonstration
That Hope rises…again

Consider the fishes in the seas as they swim
The birds in the air as they dance and sing
Every single aspect of God’s wondrous creation
He made you more special than each and every one
Exult at the thought, bask in the realization

#hoperises #hope #optimism


First Impressions Last – But Should They?

We generally aim to ‘make a good first impression’; but perhaps this is idea that is actually quite overrated?

Because of our varied personalities and experiences, we are all predisposed to displaying different behaviors in different situations and around different persons, behaviours which might even be seen by some as ‘inappropriate.’ Given that each of us reflects the amalgamation of our various experiences at any given point, isn’t it therefore unreasonable to write off someone on the basis of that one ‘first’ impression? Is that how we would want to be treated?

We all have bad days and bad moments which, in hindsight, we may not be proud about. Some of these experiences can often be the catalyst that drives us to improve, or to become better persons, thereby allowing us to ‘grow’ out of that person we were when we displayed such behavior. Furthermore, how many of us have always shown their ‘true colours’ when meeting a group of total strangers? There is – or ought to be – room for redemption for everyone.

By that same logic, we are all capable of doing good things at different times, even those who we would consider undeserving of being shown kindness in any form. Therefore, would the sight of someone displaying good or positive behavior convince you that such a person is necessarily someone you would consider a ‘good person?’ It could be quite risky to form such a conclusion at that stage.

Furthermore, to continue to treat others on the basis of first impression is to ignore the fact that we too are making a first impression on someone else and therefore are subject to the same kind of judgement we pronounce on others, some of which can ultimately keep us back.

Let’s face it: if we were to rely on first impressions to write off or build attachment to others, our sphere of friendships would likely look very different today.

#FirstImpressionsLast #FirstImpression


Reality? Or Perception?

Someone’s reality and our perception can sometimes be world apart – until we take the time to get to know them

From the outside, we tend to see other people’s lives in either black or white. That is, we either love what we see or we hate what we see, mistakenly assuming what we see has got to be the reality. However, if we take the time to get the ‘inside scoop’ so to speak, we might find that there are numerous nuances and specificities that contribute to what, in reality, is a vastly different, complicated, and perhaps even interesting, picture than meets the eye!

The wise among us recognize that we should not seek to make conclusions about others simply based on what we see. After all many apparently poor people are inexplicably happy, and many apparently wealthy people are most miserable and unhappy! Conversely some who appear full of life and upbeat might be carrying great pain and scars underneath.

Sometimes we interpret restraint in others to be cowardice, missing the point that it takes great strength and self-control to keep one’s temper in check. Or perhaps we see someone’s willingness to forgive a grievous and malicious act against them as being foolish, when by extending forgiveness, they are wisely choosing to let go of the self-destructive poison of animosity and anger.

We need to delay forming conclusions about others until we have ‘walked in their shoes’ thereby getting the complete picture, and understand the underlying reason for their actions. Otherwise we can either be embarrassed on one hand, or cause embarrassment to others on the other hand.

They more we take time to really get to know others and what their real story is rather than being judgemental and jumping to conclusions, the more we will get to understand, and appreciate, that sometimes our perception of others’ reality is merely an illusion.

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Every time someone looks in a mirror

There’s a lot that they can see

For it either shows them who they are

Or something else they’re tryin to be

Take a good look in your mirror

Then take another look, or even two!

Do you recognize that AMAZING person

Who is looking right back at you?

When you look into the mirror

Do you really see yourself?

Do you see an image of AWESOMENESS

Or do you see something else?

Each time you look in a mirror

It’s a perfect opportunity


Of perfect and incomparable beauty

The next time you look ino a mirror

And gaze deeply into those eyes

I hope you notice the AMAZING POWER

That deep inside you lies.

Take time to look in the mirror

At that PERFECT YOU God made

Embrace that PRECIOUS IMAGE you see

No matter the height, size, or shade!

#Me #Reflection #MyMirror #WhoIAm #WhoAmI


The ‘little’ things…

The friendly smile, the gentle touch,

The timely word that means so much

The helping hand, the random act

That leaves someone not knowing how to react

The word of praise that needs no permission

And the hearty ‘thank you’ signifying a recognition

That someone didn’t have to, but still chose to do

Something that has meant the world to you.

Its the little things, that cost us so little

And which seem so insignificant like a jot or a tittle

That can have the biggest impact and leave a huge mark

On not just the receiver, but on our own heart

It is not the big things, no, far from it!

Give it a try and you’ll be forced to admit

That one small act can make a huge difference

To someone, anyone, whether strangers, or friends.


Do you trust the advice you give to others?

Do you trust yourself to give good advice to others?

How much do you trust the advice you give your closest friends or loved ones when they come to you about some challenge they face, or important decisions they have to make?

A little? A lot? Perhaps none at all?

We are often able to provide our most objective advice to our loved ones, regardless of the nature of the challenges they might be having. We tend to listen to them closely enough to really HEAR and understand what they are saying – and maybe even what they are not saying.

The bottom line is that when we love someone we usually would like to know they will have the best outcome possible, and hence our approach to offering advice tends to be more attentive and measured; practical and at the same time sympathetic.

Amazingly, our advice to others are sometimes treated as irrelevant when we face similar circumstances! Mind you, there might be certain details that make the same advice impractical in our own circumstances. However, for the most part, we might end up totally snubbing our own advice. Part of the reason might just be that no matter how much we think we understand what someone is going through, maybe we really don’t – or not as much as we thought! Moreover, it is far easier to give advice, than to act on the same advice even when faced with the same set of circumstances.

There’s no guarantee that the advice we give, even if sought, will be acted on. It might just be that when all the relevant facts are considered, they might find it difficult – very difficult – to actually act on it. Sometimes it’s out of fear of the unknown, or fear of the repressions, or perhaps because acting on the advice might see them being pushed too far out of their comfort zone.

When we offer advice, it is the best interest of the recipient that takes priority; not ours. Once that is the case, if our advice is good enough for others then it is good enough for ourselves. Recognizing this can help us to trust ourselves more, and ultimately benefit from the very advice we may have imparted to others.

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