WHO are you?

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Is who you are defined by the color of your eyes?
The curves of your body or the size of your thighs?
Or perhaps it rests in the texture of your hair
Or the tone of your skin – or do you really care?
Is your sense of self-worth tied up in your education?
Or places you have been, or wherever you came from?
Or, is it based on whether you pay mortgate, or a rent?
Is that really who you are, or what you represent?

So, who ARE you?

Is your success measured by the ‘class’ of your friends?
Or the way in which your clothes keep up with current trends?
Is your self-worth tied to the things that you possess?
Will the loss of these things cause nothing but distress?
When you look in the mirror are you proud of what you see
Is the person looking back who you’re really meant to be?
Do you sleep peacefully when you go to bed at nights
Or do nightmares begin as soon as you turn off the lights?

So who are YOU really?

You are more than what you wear and the way you look
And the make of your car and the size of your bank book
Who you really are rests in making honest choices
Whether things are going well or you’re facing many crises
Who you really are depends on what you have inside
The strength of your character, having nothing to hide
Your relationship with God and the role you let Him play
In directing your footsteps as you go from day to day.


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