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Our Words Matter

Does the way you respond to others make them want to connect with you when they need someone to talk to?

We sometimes forget to consider our own frailties when we interact with others. We therefore speak to, and treat, others as if their opinions and feelings do not matter, especially when these opinions and feelings happen to be in conflict with our own. At times we exhibit uninviting and unwelcoming dispositions which keep others from reaching out to us in their times of need.

A hallmark of a positive relationship – and indeed society – is the extent to which participants in that relationship or society value each other’s feelings and opinions, and are guided by that in their interactions. Words DO hurt, and persons who have greatest influence on others tend to affect them most with not only the words they say, but also HOW they say it.

We need to be honest in our interactions and our communications, but we can still accomplish both if we adopt an approach that seeks to encourage positive change. A wise and mature individual is one who will take stock of himself/herself regularly and make the necessary changes that will lead to greater mindfulness of others, and that in turn will go a far way in building more harmonious relationships.

Sticks and stones may break one’s bones, but words can break their spirit – and that might well be harder to heal than bones.

caring kindness love matters

Three Little Words

Three little words often spoken so lightly
Just three ‘little’ words they may seem
But those three little words when said sincerely
Can cause tears to flow down like a stream

These three little words are often overused
Without any thought of consequence
Sometimes they leave someone quite confused
About another’s motive and intent

Many friendships start through these three words
But the opposite can sometimes be true
So before you use those three little words
Make sure that’s what you really want to do

There is great power in these three little words
That can brighten up someone’s day
You can totally change their view of the world
As they travel along their way

These words are mainly said to family and friends
But they can be said to strangers too
These three little words that are by no means simple
Are the three little words “How are You?”

Start a conversation with someone by asking them ‘How are you?’ and actually WAIT for a response. This simple act can transform someone’s day into something that much brighter.

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