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LET’S TALK about Mental Health

Every day, people from all walks of life are facing challenges with their mental health. However, like so many ailments, you cannot tell by looking.

You are not alone

Regardless the approach one takes in managing their mental health, it helps to augment that by talking about it.

It is through talking about it that one can:

⁃ Obtain support in coming to terms with the reality of their illness;

⁃ Recognize that they can still thrive and live a full and fruitful life when properly managed;

⁃ Find out what options are available to assist them;

⁃ Find the support needed for their specific challenges

⁃ Recognize they are not alone with respect to whatever mental health challenges they are facing

Like any other illness, nobody else needs to know about our mental health struggles. But if we do choose to talk about it, that might just be the difference between someone winning their battle with mental illness, or actually losing.

Simply put, talking about our mental health challenges might make the difference between life and death for ourself, or even someone else. It is that serious.

So let us do something about our mental health – LET’S TALK…

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