Thank You For Stopping By!

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Whether you landed here having searched specifically for this blog, or you landed here unintentionally, I thank you! Thank you for wanting more; wanting to learn more; wanting to BE more. Because we all have the capacity to be better than we already are; to do better than we have ever done.

On this site you will find uplifting, inspiring and motivating thoughts (mostly my thoughts) about life, struggles, and the indomitable human spirit.

These thoughts are based on personal experiences; experiences of others shared with me; and based on my observations of others going through their different situations.

We all have faced (or continue to face) great challenges, for some of them the outcome is out of our hands. However, the primary observation I have made over the years is that when it comes to facing and overcoming our challenges, it comes down to our PERCEPTION of our ability to do so. If we believe we can and allow our mindset and our actions to demonstrate this conviction, we then give ourselves the best possible chance of overcoming them.

You will find the different topics on this site – some of which are presented in Poetry – to be insightful, practical and easy to read, in a language that is easy to understand. They cover a broad spectrum of the human experience, and has something for everyone.

So take your time and have a look around. I hope you will find the contents helpful and interesting, and above all, INSPIRING!