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That Final 1% …

The difference between failure and success sometimes boils down to the impact of a mere 1% – that final 1%.

Sometimes you can SEE that the end of the journey is near; other times you have to TRUST that the end is close, and keep pushing forward.

That is because this typically represents the point where mental and/or physical fatigue has set in; where past failures along the way have led you to doubt whether you have what it takes to complete what you started; or where your early enthusiasm has been replaced by questioning the wisdom of having started in the first place. But…

Having already done the hard work; having already made tremendous sacrifices; or having already gone 99% of the distance, you could very well miss out – IF YOU STOP NOW.

O. N. Rowe

The difference between success and failure might well boil down to that final 1%, where you struggle the most to go on, and where you feel like you have done everything you can do. It is at that point where your success might very well be closer than you think – perhaps just 1% of incremental effort away.

Give yourself the best chance to finish what you started – the best chance to succeed: Rest if you must, and seek help if you must, but keep on pushing towards your goal. Don’t Quit! Not now.

O. N. Rowe
Don’t Quit


Circumstances outside of our control sometimes impact the outcome of our race. Along the way it may force us to consider actions like ABORT; or CTL-ALT-DEL; or RESTORE FROM BACKUP; or maybe a full RESET to a specified previous point.

We will have obstacles, but not every obstacle presents a reason to quit.

  • Don’t quit just because the race turns out to be harder than expected.
  • Don’t quit just because you become tired and frustrated.
  • Don’t quit just because someone tells you that you are not good enough.
  • Don’t quit just because you do not ‘see how you can possibly make your way through.’

Don’t ever lose faith in your ability to accomplish that which is important to you, regardless of the obstacles you encounter. You might not necessarily become the best at something, but you should always aim to do the very best you can at everything you do.

Success, which comes against apparently insurmountable odds, yields unparalleled satisfaction. Yes, success is its own reward. You only have a chance at success if you actually stay in the race.

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