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I AM UNIQUE (Just Like Everybody Else)

One of the most empowering self-discoveries is: “I am fearfully and wonderfully made; I am unique.”

We are all the same, and yet at the same time profoundly unique.

The way we relate to others often says a lot about how we perceive others and ourselves.

Human nature tends to force us to relate in a manner consistent with our views of others and our views of ourselves. The aim is to minimize or even eliminate, any dissonance generated by any difference between our views and our actions.

Those who are caught up in their own bloated sense of self-importance tend to be arrogant, boastful, and condescending to others with a strong sense of entitlement that is beyond that which is reasonable.

On the other hand, showing genuine patience, kindness and respect to others typically demonstrates self-confidence, humility, and a recognition of one’s humanity. It also demonstrates an awareness that we are all flawed, having the propensity to fail as human beings – just like everybody else.

So in a nutshell:

One of the most empowering self-discoveries is: “I am fearfully and wonderfully made; I am unique.”

One of the most humbling realizations to have is: So is everyone else!

One of the most powerful lessons from this awareness is: “Everyone else” is NOT the only one with flaws…I do too! So I will be humble and gracious in the way I interact with others, regardless of what I perceive to be their ‘flaws.’

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When we respect others’ right to be different, we promote peace and harmony

You could perhaps call it ‘the Cliche of the century’ but it still remains true: everyone is different. No two persons will have the same combination of experiences, traits and genes that will allow one to be a replica of the other. Our values will therefore be different, and our expectations will be different.

To try forcing our views and values on someone else, or setting our expectations of others based on our own is therefore futile, and perhaps even silly.

I suggest that our best option in effecting change, is to BE the change we want to see in others. If we value respect, hard work, honesty, strong relationships, or whatever the case may be, then our best bet is to demonstrate these values by practicing them. We will find that it is the consistency of our actions that has the greatest impact, not the loudness of our ‘preaching.’

People see, experience and interpret things through the lens of their own experiences. I believe it is important for each of us to be self aware – having a good understanding of ourself, and to seek to recognize that we do not need to understand where another person is coming from in order to respect their right to be different, or to act different.

We usually claim the right to having our own opinions about things, and will defend that vigorously. Others have equal right to do so as well.

As we approach the new year, how about striving to be more self-aware, supportive, patient, respectful and tolerant of others while celebrating our differences. Then witness how beautiful the results would be!

We are all in this journey called life together, each of us being unique – just like everybody else.

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