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The Golden Rule

‘I will treat others the way I want to be treated.’ – The Golden Rule
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Choose Your Words Wisely


10 Life Lessons From The Highway (Part 5 of 10)


Courtesy goes a long way!

Everyone you meet is going about their own business; sometimes to the same destination, but for different reasons. For some, their battles are not necessarily displayed on their faces. You can’t tell by looking! For others it is a case of “I do not need a mood ring; I have a face!” A pleasant encounter, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, often makes for a positive experience all round.

Having positive interactions help make the journey we are on far more pleasant. Sometimes they might even make the difference between someone being overwhelmed and losing the battle to frustration, or being re-energized and motivated to keep on pushing through their battles.

Expending emotional capital on navigating poor human relations distracts someone from the task at hand, and with the responsibilities around living already so challenging, that does not help.

At times someone absentmindedly and unintentionally does something that negatively affects someone else. That can lead to ‘road rage’ which does not usually end well. If our objective is to remain courteous at all times, we avoid the pitfalls of jumping to conclusions about others’ motives, or colouring their actions through the lens of our own biases thereby overreacting and lashing out for no reason.

Courtesy is like a lubricant that helps to remove friction from human interactions thereby creating a more harmonious society. Our responses in those situations are where there’s real potential for conflict, can serve to prevent escalations, and perhaps even winning someone over.

Better yet, take it a bit further and be kind enough to encourage someone else on their journey through their highway experience. After all everyone you meet is perhaps dealing with their own struggles.

We are all on the highway of life together. It will not always be pleasant, but that doesn’t mean you cannot choose to be

10 Life Lessons From The Highway (Part 3 of 10)


Sometimes our vehicle stalls or runs out of gas and we have to seek help in the form of fuel, or in having it towed.

A basic rule of the road is to always ensure you have adequate fuel to make the journey, or at least have options for top-up if and when needed. However, it is not uncommon to experience an unexpected scenario which, despite your best planning, creates a problematic outcome for you.

In life we never know where help will come from, and we hope that help will come when we need it. Some situations cannot be planned for, even if they can be avoided. Like having an illness, or worse. As humans we are prone to illnesses, and sometimes critical illnesses.

Individuals have been cut down by illnesses in the prime of their lives. Despite how physically healthy someone appears, there is always something lurking in the shadows. Further, accidents happen, sometimes with tragic outcomes. Then what?

Whatever the cause, the reality is that sometimes the result is that of our own strength, or due to the lack thereof, we need outside help. Where will that help come from?

It is therefore important that we live our lives recognizing that it is always wise to invest in helping others, not with the focus on getting something in return, but for the main reason that it is the good thing to do. Beyond that, our generosity goes a long way in establishing goodwill with others.

There might come a point when we are unable to extend help to others, even if we are able to afford to pay for any help we need. However, the time may well come when something that money cannot buy, becomes needed. The help we need might then be dependent on someone else’s generosity.

We generally aim to live our lives working for, and expecting, the very best that life has to offer. However, despite our best efforts, bad things happen to good people. It is best to be prepared.

Despite our best efforts, we sometimes run out of fuel, or are otherwise incapacitated and are then totally dependent on others


At the end of the day, it is what you do to impact others – whether good or bad – that really matters.

We are born, then INEVITABLY we die. In between comes that ‘dash.’

After all life is fleeting, isn’t it! Time always seems to ‘fly’ … at least in hindsight when we look back at how quickly time has passed and wonder ‘where did the time go?’ Sometimes satisfied with how we spent it but most times wishing we had done ‘more.’

But more of what? Important stuff like…helping others in need? Visiting the fatherless and widows in their pain and suffering? Using your talents to help those who need inspiration, or even an advocate?

Or spent doing unimportant things… like wishing we were born into a different family? Being distracted by petty things when we should have been studying…or working…or other stuff that helped neither ourselves nor others?

“It is appointed unto man once to die…” – Hebrews 9:27

So we are born…then we die. In between comes the ‘dash.’ How are you spending your DASH?

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The ‘little’ things…

The friendly smile, the gentle touch,

The timely word that means so much

The helping hand, the random act

That leaves someone not knowing how to react

The word of praise that needs no permission

And the hearty ‘thank you’ signifying a recognition

That someone didn’t have to, but still chose to do

Something that has meant the world to you.

Its the little things, that cost us so little

And which seem so insignificant like a jot or a tittle

That can have the biggest impact and leave a huge mark

On not just the receiver, but on our own heart

It is not the big things, no, far from it!

Give it a try and you’ll be forced to admit

That one small act can make a huge difference

To someone, anyone, whether strangers, or friends.

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Our Words Matter

Does the way you respond to others make them want to connect with you when they need someone to talk to?

We sometimes forget to consider our own frailties when we interact with others. We therefore speak to, and treat, others as if their opinions and feelings do not matter, especially when these opinions and feelings happen to be in conflict with our own. At times we exhibit uninviting and unwelcoming dispositions which keep others from reaching out to us in their times of need.

A hallmark of a positive relationship – and indeed society – is the extent to which participants in that relationship or society value each other’s feelings and opinions, and are guided by that in their interactions. Words DO hurt, and persons who have greatest influence on others tend to affect them most with not only the words they say, but also HOW they say it.

We need to be honest in our interactions and our communications, but we can still accomplish both if we adopt an approach that seeks to encourage positive change. A wise and mature individual is one who will take stock of himself/herself regularly and make the necessary changes that will lead to greater mindfulness of others, and that in turn will go a far way in building more harmonious relationships.

Sticks and stones may break one’s bones, but words can break their spirit – and that might well be harder to heal than bones.