Hope Rises…AGAIN!

Another journey across the earth begun
As a new day dawns with the rising sun
Bursting forth in resplendent glory
Once again echoing the amazing story
To every tongue, every tribe and nation
That Hope rises…again

In the midst of the sadness and the gloom
Another beautiful flower starts to bloom
And you know beyond any shadow of doubt
No matter what you are feeling ‘sad’ about
That this is yet another indication
That Hope rises…again

Though your heart is filled with pain
And your tears seem to flow like rain
Hovering above the lush green fields that grow
Beyond the hills you can see the rainbow
Providing yet another demonstration
That Hope rises…again

Consider the fishes in the seas as they swim
The birds in the air as they dance and sing
Every single aspect of God’s wondrous creation
He made you more special than each and every one
Exult at the thought, bask in the realization

#hoperises #hope #optimism