Reality? Or Perception?

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Someone’s reality and our perception can sometimes be world apart – until we take the time to get to know them

From the outside, we tend to see other people’s lives in either black or white. That is, we either love what we see or we hate what we see, mistakenly assuming what we see has got to be the reality. However, if we take the time to get the ‘inside scoop’ so to speak, we might find that there are numerous nuances and specificities that contribute to what, in reality, is a vastly different, complicated, and perhaps even interesting, picture than meets the eye!

The wise among us recognize that we should not seek to make conclusions about others simply based on what we see. After all many apparently poor people are inexplicably happy, and many apparently wealthy people are most miserable and unhappy! Conversely some who appear full of life and upbeat might be carrying great pain and scars underneath.

Sometimes we interpret restraint in others to be cowardice, missing the point that it takes great strength and self-control to keep one’s temper in check. Or perhaps we see someone’s willingness to forgive a grievous and malicious act against them as being foolish, when by extending forgiveness, they are wisely choosing to let go of the self-destructive poison of animosity and anger.

We need to delay forming conclusions about others until we have ‘walked in their shoes’ thereby getting the complete picture, and understand the underlying reason for their actions. Otherwise we can either be embarrassed on one hand, or cause embarrassment to others on the other hand.

They more we take time to really get to know others and what their real story is rather than being judgemental and jumping to conclusions, the more we will get to understand, and appreciate, that sometimes our perception of others’ reality is merely an illusion.

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