So, You Are Scared

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The past year might not have been good to you, and from all indications the new year ahead doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that a turnaround will come anytime soon.

You feel you have had your hopes shattered like glass into a million pieces before, despite being all pumped and enthusiastic about what finally looked like that elusive victory. You have come close to seeing things turn around for you only to find yourself on your face and yet again seeing no way out.

You might have lost a loved one, your ‘Rock,’ to the dreaded enemy Death, and now feel you are like a rudderless ship being tossed everywhere the wind of life blows. You feel you are too far gone to even fight anymore.

You might have made great strides in your fight against an addiction and have counted many days, weeks, months, and felt so very hopeful that you would finish the year ‘clean!’ But alas you stumbled; you fell badly, and the clock starts over. Do you bother to fight anymore?

Who said success was the absence of failure? Who said growth is a one-off situation where you are not allowed to make mistakes? Who ever said you only qualify as a hero if you excel at something that others struggle with?

Doesn’t being successful, and indeed a hero, depend on one’s willingness to fight for what is right even when defeat might be the only realistic outcome? Isn’t being a hero a matter of deciding to keep fighting no matter how insurmountable the challenges you face along the way may seem?

Isn’t success mostly a case of having the courage to get up yet again, right after this most recent defeat?

May today represent for you an opportunity to redefine success; an opportunity to right a wrong; an opportunity to push the bounds of what you felt possible.

Give today your best shot! You deserve every success that can be yours if you just keep trying, again and again, until you make it back on your feet.

Then continue to fight on…

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