Taking care of others

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We do ourselves a great disservice when we miss an opportunity to lift someone up. It is by lifting someone up that we separate ourselves from the common and selfish among us, and are elevated to a level where we are fulfilling our God-given responsibilities. We are blessed so that others, through us, may also be blessed and in blessing others, we avail ourselves to even greater blessings.

As we approach 2022 let us make a commitment to being a source of inspiration to someone else to grow; a helping hand lifting someone up; to become better at being our brother’s keeper; and above all else strengthening our faith in God’s ability to keep us through the year ahead.

From justthinkingoutloudblog, please have a wonderful and success filled year ahead.

2 replies on “Taking care of others”

Just recently I saw an inscription on a gift cup that arrested my attention and engaged my thoughts in reflection-” We rise by lifting others” your thoughts a loud reflected above aligns perfectly!
continue to lift others with your inspirations bro and rise …always remaining in sight!

My Brother, always a pleasure hearing your perspective on these thoughts, especially given your lifelong service to others over the years. I have been encouraged by your own encouragement both aimed towards me personally or aimed towards others that I have had the privilege of observing. Blessings be upon you always.

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