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Throughout life’s journey you can always find opportunities to rise above your circumstances and grow, sometimes leaning on Family, friends, and so many others for help. To ultimately reach your desired destination this journey requires great sacrifice and motivation as you face each day with boldness and optimism. Reject the opinions and proclamations of those who would seek to hinder you through their own short-sighted negativism.

Setbacks happen – but you can move past them; maybe you fail in your efforts to get back on track but with persistence and commitment, ultimate success is all but assured.

The situation you face today might not reflect the outcome you anticipated. Where you are today might not reflect where you dreamt of being. Today, you might find that various negative situations have seemingly conspired against you. Yes – today might have found you deeply wedged between competing struggles that threaten to ensure that the mountain of negative situations you have faced for your entire life pale in comparison!

But keep on fighting; keep on pushing through and if, by chance, you find that you have come out of the darkness with your hope renewed, your faith intact, and your future looking brighter than a few days/weeks/months ago, would you please consider paying it forward? Keep on supporting those around you; give a word or two of encouragement to someone knowing that at some point in the past you might in fact have found yourself where they are right now.

Yes, you might already have discovered that struggles serve to help you grow; challenges, when overcome, tend to make you stronger. Success born out of dire circumstances can be most meaningful! You might also have learned that challenges, when overcome, serve to prepare you for the next challenge ahead – yes, rest assured that other challenges WILL come, but now you have confidence that you will do alright no matter what!

And as you continue your journey into your future – whatever that future holds for you – remember to pause from time to time and just take a moment to look back at your journey, while holding your head high, regaining your strength as you spread your wings…and fly!

Remember: You’ve got this!

Soar above your circumstances; let the winds of positivity and encouragement inspire you and keep you afloat.

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