Profile in Courage: Give Yourself GRACE (Pt. 6 of 7)

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Celebrate the small wins

In the end, regardless of the outcome, a willingness to take the first step in the journey towards confronting our fear, is in itself a victory worth celebrating. It is these steps, baby steps though they may be, that account for the most impactful growth we will ever experience.

As we proceed into the unknown, we might either find that on the one hand, the thing we had feared all this time is not the great terror we previously thought, or that on the other hand, with the correct amount of effort, commitment and information, we can not only overcome, but indeed thrive!

Take the first step towards overcoming your fear and give yourself an opportunity to see your courage, and self-belief, grow in leaps and bounds.

O. N. Rowe

As you take that first step – Give yourself GRACE

As you rise up after having been knocked down – Give yourself GRACE

As you take action to part ways with that toxic or abusive or negative person – Give yourself GRACE

As you take on that project that you have been putting off all these years – Give yourself GRACE

As you step out of your comfort zone and move forward in your goal of improvement – Give yourself GRACE

No matter what the undertaking is, so long as it represents a deliberate act on your part to confront your fear – Give yourself the GRACE you deserve!

O. N. Rowe

That may very well be the best gift you can ever offer yourself as you prepare to confront your next challenge!

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Totally so! Giving ourselves grace is something we often forget to do! Thanks for the reminder!

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