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Precious Gems

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Our view of ourselves can sometimes be so tied to our feelings or circumstances that we need something or someone grounded to serve as our anchor. Our worth does not diminish because of the terrible things we might have done, nor painful experiences we might have been forced to endure.

Gems come in all shapes and colours, but the outcome, after going through ‘the process’ is always just as beautiful.

A precious gem, covered in filth, is still a precious gem. Cutting it and shaping it is a process that takes time. It does not hurt the gem, but rather serves to enhance its beauty, value and appeal.

Although sometimes painful to bear, we are constantly being shaped into someone better, stronger, and more beautiful. We need to keep believing that there is good in all this, and trust the process.

And sometimes, when our strength wanes, we need someone we can depend on to remind us that there is more to us than our feelings and circumstances try to limit us to!

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