Profile in Courage: You Can Be An Inspiration To Others (Pt. 7 of 7)

Your own courage can serve to Encourage and Inspire others

We all can agree that if confronting and overcoming our respective fears was so easy, hardly anyone would fear anything whatsoever! But for those who take that bold step, you are demonstrating a recognition that overcoming is up to you.

While confronting our fears, we often prefer to do it away from prying eyes primarily for fear of intimidation and/or embarrassment. At times our closest friends, or even relatives, are not aware! After all, this might be a pursuit that is personal to us. Nevertheless, whatever setting or circumstances works best for you, go for it!

Despite our best efforts, however, it is hard to fully escape the eyes of others. It then becomes quite possible that among those eyes are some that belong to someone who join in cheering you on! Further, for some, upon seeing your courage, may just become so inspired by you that this provides them the impetus to take on their own personal fears!

As your courage builds, would you allow yourself to inspire others? You don’t even need to do anything different except being willing to share your story with others.

O. N. Rowe

I can assure you that regardless of what fear you are working to overcome, you are not alone. So as you diligently pursue your goal of facing your fear, you may never know who is watching.

Yes – You. Got. This!