Overcoming Failure

Putting Failure In Its Correct Perspective

Failure does not have to be GAME OVER; make it GAME ON instead.

Pushing ourselves beyond our limits is almost a guaranteed recipe for failure – by doing so we are basically setting ourself up to fail.

There are some pursuits in life that to some might be considered futile, since for the ‘rational’ person, they are not achievable. At least NOT by us. Yes, some will go as far as telling you it is not that it is impossible; it is just impossible for YOU.

Perhaps you are an amputee who dream of climbing a mountain; maybe you are someone with a speech impediment working hard to become a public speaker. Perhaps you are someone struggling with low self-esteem from a turbulent past or some condition that makes your pursuits so much more difficult to attain!

Yes you MIGHT very well fail; but isn’t the possibility of SUCCESS it’s own motivator? Isn’t your own will to win strong enough to make you actually do the ‘impossible?’ Does someone else know more about you and your capabilities than you know about yourself?

When someone doubts your ability, or indeed your capacity, to accomplish greatness, that’s often because of jealousy or their own narrow-minded view of themselves. Do not allow them to impose that on you.

At the same time, so what if you fail? It is by stretching ourselves that we achieve more, even more than what we ourselves previously thought possible. It is how we test the limits of our human capabilities.

There is great education in failure, including:

⁃ We learn what doesn’t work

⁃ We learn humility

⁃ We learn tenacity

⁃ We learn a lot about ourselves

⁃ We learn about how others view us

⁃ We learn to appreciate the satisfaction of success when it is ultimately achieved

Failing is a necessary part of life because every failure increases the chance of success – providing we actually learn from each failure. You see, failing is never final until we stop trying.

So don’t be too hard on yourself when you fail at something challenging. Ultimately, it is better to fail at a lofty goal than to achieve a mediocre goal that is designed to merely ‘be safe’.

Success should be celebrated no matter how small, because it suggests someone chose to get back up after having previously failed.

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