How To Make TODAY Perfect (Hint: It Already IS!)

How will you spend your TODAY?

Today is Monday (where I am). That’s a fact! Today is a perfect day. That’s also a fact.

Is our situation necessarily perfect? Perhaps not, but let’s not allow our situation, nor our perception of it, to cause us to lose sight of the beautiful opportunity Today presents for us to take a step or two towards making our situation better!

Being alive TODAY gives us a perfect chance to start afresh and redouble our efforts in pursuit of the changes we seek. So let us take a moment to change our perspective and see the beautiful individual we are, with all the potential within us to accomplish whatever we set out to achieve today.

Let us embrace the changes that are possible within us as we develop patience, persistence, and strength through our circumstances no matter how uncomfortable they are.

O. N. Rowe

Because our situation, however imperfect, does not have to define the kind of day we have TODAY and EVERY DAY!



The presence of clouds doesn’t mean the sun isn’t there

Through the dark, stationary clouds of life burst majestic, golden rays of sunlight

Forcefully and enthusiastically breaking free and echoing shouts of joy,

Heralding the long awaited approach of a brand new sun of opportunity

Within the magnificent castles of these golden rays of sunlight

Grand festivities accompany a jubilant celebration

All around, resplendent flowers display their radiance as they lift their heads

In an attempt to witness such a grand occasion

The exuberant trees dance about, wrapping their muscular trunks

Around each other in an affectionate embrace

Never to be pulled apart again by even the most turbulent storm that may return

All creatures, great and small, co-exist in an atmosphere

Of glorious peace and tranquility – all of them are equal

No predator, no prey, no fighting and tearing each other apart


And somewhere in the midst of it all, an amazing spectacle bursts into miraculous existence

Men, women and children of every race, class and creed

Living together in love and in a spirit of unity never witnessed before

While outside the walls of this magnificent castle someone looks in

At the long awaited peace that exists among all of creation

In the midst of the turmoil and the disruptions all around us, there is HOPE

Slowly he walks away with a feeling of emptiness and a longing deep inside his very being

Still having hope, but recognizing that for now it is just his imagination

Running away.

new beginning perseverance


A new dawn has broken and the sun is out
And it is shining in all its glory
Signaling a new day as we set about
Starting yet another year’s journey

We might not be pleased with our efforts yesterday
But we now have a glorious opportunity
To think about what we can improve on today
And to pursue it with all our energy

We should not seek to live it selfishly
No that would be quite a shame!
Consider how much farther we all can reach
When we help each other do the same

There’s no limit to what you can accomplish
When you pursue it with all your being
Never give up though your energy diminish
The rewards will ultimately be seen

Sometimes you fail miserably in the struggle
And you despair when things fall apart
But just lift up your head and resume the battle
It’s a new day, God is giving you a fresh start!

So keep on fighting no matter what comes
And don’t despair because of past mistakes
They provide the best opportunities to grow
Yes – mistakes are a terrible thing to waste!

Just as the new day dawns, let your enthusiasm be renewed daily. Seize the day!